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Compassion Clinics

The Model

Compassion Clinics partner with local churches to offer free community clinics. These clinics are designed to provide services to community members who are vulnerable because of lack of access to basic healthcare. The partnerships give individuals care for their body and spirit in one place. Each clinic is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the people they are serving. They can be as simple as haircuts and sports physicals, or they can offer dental extractions and more in-depth medical care. Compassion Clinics are designed by partnering churches for the community they are serving.

Local Churches Impact Community Health

A Compassion Clinic is a free community health clinic led by local churches. We believe churches anywhere in the world can work together to help their neighbors experience the love of Jesus through the medium of health. Compassion Clinics offer a variety of services, some of which may include:


Anti-Exploitation Model 

The Model

Local churches uniting to fight against the exploitation of vulnerable people.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to sex trafficking and exploitation in the U.S., with many entering the world of trafficking as teenagers or even younger. Despite these alarming numbers, there’s hope. Compassion Connect collaborates with local churches to change this narrative.Through volunteers and donors, we strive for a world where churches unite to offer safety, liberation from physical and spiritual bondage, and a life of abundance in Christ.

Fighting Exploitation

We offer 3 strategies for local churches to combat trafficking and exploitation in their neighborhoods: 


Helping communities get informed and involved.


Empowering youth to advocate for themselves and their friends.


Helping survivors become thrivers.

Compassion Care Center

The Model

The Compassion Care Center unites local churches and community partners to address the urgent needs of our community as an expression of God’s love. We help families and individuals thrive by connecting them to information, resources, and services such as emergency food boxes, clothing, counseling, education and job services, pregnancy resources, and more!

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Redeemed Threads

A thrifty boutique that not only offers fashionable finds, but also functions as a haven of hope for the community it serves, and supports the work of the Compassion Care Center.

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