Jesus followers uniting to serve in the Twin Cities

About Us

In 2006, volunteers from several churches came together in a low-income, high-crime neighborhood in Portland, OR to host the very first Compassion Clinic. This clinic was inspired by members of a local church who had served on medical missions trips to Mexico. They asked a simple question: “Why don’t we do this in our own backyard?” 

The experience of that first Clinic ignited a passion in them to mobilize other Jesus followers to look beyond the Church walls and unite to serve their neighborhoods in Jesus’ name. Almost 20 years later, we are still committed to inviting the Church and her people into a story of unity and compassion. 

In 2021, the story expanded into the Midwest with local churches hosting the first Compassion Clinic in New Brighton, Minnesota, followed by a clinic in Roseville, MN in 2023. These clinics present a beautiful picture of God’s people working together to love and serve their neighbors through the provision of free health services.

Compassion Clinics

These clinics provide multiple services to community members who lack access to basic healthcare. Guests receive holistic care for their body and spirit in one place. Services can be as simple as haircuts and sports physicals, or more in-depth such as dental extractions and more complex medical care. Compassion Clinics are designed by partnering churches to meet the unique needs of the people in their community.

If you’re interested in learning about volunteering, sponsoring a clinic guest, or starting a Compassion Clinic in your community, we’ve got you covered!