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About Us

In 2011, a small team of volunteers held Arizona’s first Compassion Clinic in Queen Creek. Through the success of the event, the team learned not only that local churches were eager to work together, but also that local people were severely underserved. Exit interviews indicated a disturbing lack of social services and community resources. The biggest obstacle to agencies and churches serving this area was not having a place to meet clients.

Compassion Connect volunteers responded to this need by creating a brand-new model to unite churches to serve: a community resource center they named the Compassion Care Center. For many years, one small building in an impoverished community provided a welcoming space where those in need could receive a wide variety of services, including parenting classes, pregnancy counseling, medical care, English language learning classes, job services, rent and utility assistance, food, clothes, and much more! 

The Arizona team is powered by many volunteers whose faithful service has helped thousands of San Tan Valley residents receive compassionate health care and services.

Compassion Clinics

These clinics provide multiple services to community members who lack access to basic healthcare. Guests receive holistic care for their body and spirit in one place. Services can be as simple as haircuts and sports physicals, or more in-depth such as dental extractions and more complex medical care. Compassion Clinics are designed by partnering churches to meet the unique needs of the people in their community.

If you’re interested in learning about volunteering, sponsoring a clinic guest, or starting a Compassion Clinic in your community, we’ve got you covered!

Compassion Care Center

Arizona’s Compassion Care Center is a community resource center that helps struggling families and individuals thrive by connecting them to local resources and services.

Anti-Exploitation Ministries

In the Phoenix Metro area, we focus on rallying the Church around three areas of  anti-exploitation work: awareness, prevention, and crisis support for survivors of trafficking and other forms of exploitation. We do this through our Compassion Youth Mentoring program (known as the Design Studio) and the Adorned in Grace Bridal Shop, as well as by providing resources and job skills to survivors and organizing various outreach events. 

Redeemed Threads

A thrifty boutique that not only offers fashionable finds, but also functions as a haven of hope for the community it serves, and supports the work of the Compassion Care Center.

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