Adorned in Grace Toolkits


Have you ever wondered what you and your church can do to address the issue of human exploitation in your community, but you don’t know where to start and aren’t interested in recreating the wheel? We are excited to offer our Adorned In Grace Toolkit, which offers practical guidance for those who are passionate about rallying a group of churches in their city or neighborhood to prevent exploitation.

We’ve created this toolkit to help get you started on a journey that will impact the lives of the youth in your neighborhood who are being targeted by traffickers. Your purchase of an Adorned In Grace toolkit provides you access to step-by-step instructions on how to host an outreach event and start mentoring groups, with creative ways that Jesus lovers can be part of this ministry using their unique talents!

Your Toolkit Includes:

How-To Manuals:

• How to Start an Adorned In Grace Design Studio
• How to Pull Off a Dress for FREEdom Outreach Event
• How to Train Design Studio Volunteers

Promotional Materials & Videos:

  • Video: What Happens at A Design Studio
  • Video: What Happens At A Dress for FREEdom Event? 
  • Promotional Flyers & Powerpoints, and more!

Required Forms & Documents:

• Volunteer role descriptions & application
• Safety policies & procedures
• Media release form for minors, and more!

Training Materials:

• Human trafficking advocacy and red flags
• Small group facilitation
• Talking to kids about abuse
• Communicating with refugees, and more!