4 out of 10 adults believe that the Church contributes not much at all to solving the social problems of the community.*

Yet we know there are millions of people sitting in Churches worldwide who deeply care about the serious issues affecting their neighborhood. Our passion is to mobilize compassionate people and raise up the local church to address these issues together. Because when you unite to serve, an incredible transformation happens in the church, in your neighbors, and in you.

We provide tools that help you and your Church serve your neighbors in the following ways:


Community Health Clinics


Fighting Human Trafficking


Adopting an Apartment Complex


Foster Care Office Makeovers


Community Resource Centers


Compassion Clinics

Compassionate Health Care for the Most Vulnerable

Millions of people live without access to affordable health care–especially dental care. We believe everyone deserves access to health services and that churches are in a unique position to offer compassionate care that addresses body, mind, and spirit.


Some of the Groups We Serve:

 Low income individuals and families

Our friends Without Homes

The Undocumented


What is a clinic?

A Compassion Clinic is a free community health clinic led by local churches. We believe churches anywhere in the world can work together to help their neighbors experience the love of Jesus through the medium of health. Compassion Clinics offer a variety of services, some of which may include:

How Clinics Work

Invest in local leadership

Keep Jesus the center

Mobilize passionate volunteers

Be adaptable to any community

Serve the whole person

Spark enduring relationships

Where We've Worked

Over the past decade we have had the privilege to help

mobilize more than
to serve over

26 Communities mobilize 27,424+ Volunteers to serve 31,766 People

Could Your Neighborhood Be Next?

How Can I Get Involved

Yes, there is suffering in your community, but you can do something about it. We believe God is calling compassionate people of faith to rise up in support of their neighbors with health needs – no matter your background, experience, or skill set.

Human Trafficking:

Slavery Exists in Our Own Backyards

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are sexually exploited each year. Worldwide, 26% of victims are children.* These statistics are sobering, but they are not the end of the story.

Passionate people like you are rewriting the ending. With your help, we envision a world where people are safe from sexual exploitation and experiencing abundant life through the united service of the church.

Our Approach to Ending It

We give people opportunities to fight human trafficking in their neighborhood in 3 key areas:


Knowledge leads to action and change

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Empowering at risk young women

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Helping survivors become “thrivers”

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what do awareness, prevention, and restoration look like on a practical level?

Church Presentations

Youth Mentoring and Entrepreneurship

Outreach Events

Collaborative Crisis Prevention

Survivor Advocacy & Resources

“Part of what happens with [Adorned In Grace] is that these are not momentary interactions, these are relationships. When the girls are going through a crisis you are going through it too. There’s been a lot of wrestling, but wrestling that has grown my faith.”

– Carol John, Volunteer

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for each of you that make AIG possible. The love and grace of God you have shown me has made all the difference for me. It gave me something to believe in, even when I couldn’t believe in myself.”

– Rebekah, Human Trafficking Survivor

So What Can I Do?

On one side of the path, there is the opportunity to bring hope, healing and freedom to your neighbors.
On the other is the status quo.


We want to help you bust the status quo into a million pieces.