Mar 24 2016

Leadership Spotlight: Shinji Mae

10 Years of Selfless Service

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Leadership Spotlight: Shinji Mae


With characteristic good humor and honesty, Shinji Mae told us the story of his involvement in Compassion Connect from the very beginning. His story may just be a lesson to us all that if you keep sending email invitations, people will show up to serve! Like he says, making a difference doesn't mean you have to be the leader of a non-profit or a wealthy investor--you just need to be obedient to God's calling. Shinji has been humbly following God's call for a long time, and ten years later he is still with us, blessing the community with his service. 


How and why did you get involved in Compassion Clinics?

I was invited to join Compasíon Rockwood (the first Compassion Clinic) by email from Milan Homola's friend from his church. I became part of the event because I was free that weekend, and my church was looking for volunteer work that fit well into the ministry calendar. 


What was the first Compassion Clinic in 2006 like?

It was like working and serving with our eyes blindfolded because we had never done a service like this. We did not know how to start it and did not know how to carry on. Almost everything that we did was done by our guesses.


What made you decide to stay with Compassion Connect all these years?

I got more invitation emails year after year. 


What have you learned from the journey?

You do not need to be visionary, but just be obedient to His calling.


Do you have any funny or memorable moments to share?

Today we are very well organized as providers of Compassion Clinics. We have portable medical exam tables that one person can carry two of them. When we started ten years ago, our exam tables were so big and heavy, that it took six people to carry one. 


What would you say to those who are interested in getting involved in Compassion Clinics?

Compassion Connect is a lot like camping. Things are improvised. But in all this, God is in control, and you will discover it if you come and join an event. 


* If you're interested in discovering the gospel minded camping trip that is Compassion Connect, you can learn more about how to do so here:


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