Jan 31 2017

Saying Sayonara to Scott

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Saying Sayonara to Scott


After more than four years of faithful service with Compassion Connect, we are saying goodbye to our Development Director Scott Schoenborn as he moves on to new life pursuits. A father of five, a climber of mountains, a fluent speaker of Japanese, and a steadfast friend, Scott touched many lives during his time on the team. His influence extended to staff, donors, volunteers, and even Compassion Clinic guests--Scott always goes the extra mile to connect with people and strengthen relationships. His cheerful heart and good nature have endeared him to many and his absence will be greatly felt. However, we wish him the best in his new endeavors and are proud to call him a friend of Compassion Connect.


As he makes his transition, here are well wishes from several Compassion Connect staff and champions.


“After summiting two mountains in the Pacific Northwest, I can say without hesitation that working with you has brought me to new heights!  More importantly, those new heights have been witnessing Jesus lived out consistently in your life. When life is a Sunday stroll in the park, remaining a faithful servant of Christ comes easy; when life is a grueling uphill climb your testimony is vetted by action. Being with you through both there is no questioning the credibility of your faithfulness to our Savior.” -Gary Tribbett



“I couldn't be more appreciative of how Scott pulled me into Compassion Connect beyond just donating. He certainly had a way of pulling people in and making them feel connected. I'm excited to see what God does with him in his new endeavors.” -AJ West



“Scott is a very hard worker. I don't know anyone else that sends me emails in the middle of the night. I love his heart of adventure and he always rises to whatever challenges that lies before him.” -Lisa To



Ever since I met Scott I immediately noticed he's someone who exuded kindness and patience. But then when you climb two mountains with him you realize that he also has this daring adventurous side where anything set in front of him he will tackle in stride. I will always look back with fond memories of the times I climbed a mountain with him in the crew. Scott is someone who embodies what it is to be Christ in everyday life to everyone he meets.” –Joey Burda



“Over 4 years of working and serving with Scott its hard to sum up everything that I've appreciated about him. Most importantly, I appreciate Scott as a friend. He is someone who truly cares about people. He helped Compassion Connect through four incredibly stretching years and his loyalty, joy, and adventure stories will be missed in the office. I'm excited to see what God has in store for my friend in this next season.” -Milan Homola



“Scott (mountain goat) Schoenborn. You are an incredibly driven individual. Whether it’s at work or at play I have enjoyed both being with you and seeing pictures or videos you have shared with me. Please keep me in you contact list as you move on in your next adventure.”  –Jim Portin 



“There is much I admire about Scott, including his passion for Jesus, his dedication to his family, his love for people, and his adventurous spirit which is especially contagious. Working with Scott I have learned from his honest approach to challenges. A hard worker, Scott has an exceptional ability to accomplish big projects while focusing on the important small details. I am grateful to call Scott a friend. Best wishes to you Scott on your upcoming adventures!” –Ray Biggerstaff



“Hi Scott! It’s been an honor hanging out with you! I look forward to talking to you more in the future and I value your friendship. You truly impact the ones around you in great ways and I wish you the very best for the next steps in your great journey. I know God will continue to use you as a light for Him and I’ll be praying for continual blessing for you and your family. Let’s stay in touch and I hope to be running a Marathon with you sooner than later!" -Andrew Pepe



“Scott, it’s been a joy getting to know you these past couple of years. I’ve greatly appreciated your good humor and kind heart and I am going to miss you so much! Thank you for inviting me on your mountain climbing adventures; they are some of my most favorite memories. I know God is going to continue using you greatly in your next adventure. Don’t forget to call me next time you go climbing! ;)” –Anna Johnson



We love you Scott!




The Compassion Connect Team


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