May 26 2016

Renewal Campaign Kicks Off

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Renewal Campaign Kicks Off


Although Compassion Clinics have come a long way in the ten years we have been collaborating with churches to host them (yes, 2016 is our ten year clinic-aversary!) we still envision vibrant new growth in the future, not just for clinics but for the entire organization. Why? Because we see the faces of the people the Church has come together to serve over the years, and we think of how we can continue to reach them and others with the love of Jesus! Take this high-tech solution to a problem at the Compassion SW clinic on May 14:



Paper towel head rest: definitely innovative (which is one of our core values, by the way!). But ideal? Err, not quite. 

Enter our Spring Renewal Campaign, which aims to address the paper towel head rest situation by generating funds for updated clinic supplies and equipment, AND support the Abolition Now anti-trafficking ministry by aiding its collaborative efforts! We're so excited about this campaign because it has great potential to help the Church continue to serve its neighbors and renew lives for Christ!


Community Impact

May 14 was a big day for Compassion Connect not only because Compassion SW took place at Wilson High School, but because Abolition Now's Hands of Hope ministry hosted its annual Hope Matters mentor training. This training equips volunteers to become mentors to survivors of human trafficking--to be there for them during some of their most difficult times and be a light to them through the process.

So on the same day, a Vietnamese monk got his teeth cleaned at a clinic and a large group of people were able to listen to the testimony of a human trafficking survivor and learn how to help other survivors! Needless to say it was a great day and we love helping local churches and organizations come together to make it all happen!



To learn more about our Spring Renewal Campaign please watch our fun video here; and to check out the website for more information go here! The campaign kicked off on May 16 and will run through the end of June. Together, we can awaken change in our communities! 


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