Apr 17 2013

April Prayer Requests

Consider Joining the Compassion Connect Prayer Team

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Mar 04 2013

March Prayer Requests

Consider Joining the Compassion Connect Prayer Team

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Aug 23 2012

Compassion North Portland: Faith in Action, Faith in Place

There is power in the collaborative context

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Compassion North Portland: Faith in Action, Faith in Place

On a recent sizzling Saturday in early August, more than 325 volunteers representing at least 25 North Portland churches came together in an outstanding display of care for our community for the first ever Compassion North Portland event. Working together on a wide range of teams, (including hospitality, finance, food & refreshment, childcare and social services just to name a few), neighbors shed their denominational identities and graciously took on the roles of servants. The result?

Jun 27 2012

Bus Driver Tosses Family Off

Why I felt convicted as I read the Oregonian this morning

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Bus Driver Tosses Family Off
I was enjoying my eggs, bacon, and the Oregonian this morning when I got further into a story than I normally do. Yes, I admit, I’m a picture viewer more than an article reader, unless its an article about the Portland Timbers. Nevertheless, this article captured my attention so I read it all. After reading it and getting over the initial sadness of the way humans treat other humans I actually had a sinking feeling in my gut as it hit home.
Jun 07 2012

Kingdom of Christ Blog 1 of 3

Church as a map key

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Kingdom of Christ Blog 1 of 3

This is the first blog in a three part series. I’m processing through my thoughts after completing Russell Moore’s “The Kingdom of Christ: The New Evangelical Perspective”. I’ve pulled out three thoughts that caught my attention and which relate to the work of Compassion Connect.


This book is a thorough work on the various perspectives throughout history and today about the Kingdom of God. It does a wonderful job of communicating the historical differences between dispensationalists and covenant theologians. It also does a great job of drawing us into a healthy middle ground where we can see the practical and powerful implications of the Kingdom of God today and the future hope, not that we were ever really missing that but the “not yet” could benefit from a fuller understanding of the “now.”


In this first part I want to address, briefly, the role of the church in reflecting the Kingdom of God.

May 23 2012

Night Ride II

What about the johns and pimps? Where are the active neighborhoods?

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At the beginning of this year, I joined two vice squad Portland police officers on their night shift. Beyond observations from my first blog, “Night Ride,” this journal outlines additional impressions from that night and from further research into the seamy world of human trafficking.

May 01 2012

Generosity & Hospitality

Loving when it doesn't feel easy

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Alicia, who lives in one of the Apartment mission sites, shares with us the internal wrestling match of loving the undesirables.  She points to that reality in all our hearts: its easier to love those who are like us than those who make us feel awkward.  Neverthless Jesus calls us to a higher love.

Apr 30 2012

My Frenemy

Why Busyness and I Are No Longer Friends

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Recently the Lord has been opening my eyes to see one of the more deceitful enemies in my life: busyness. Taking a good look at my life, one could easily assume that I feel I have something to prove to myself or to the world, and that I seek to prove it with constant activity. Christ tells us that we should have abundant life, but the only abundance I see anymore is in the number of tasks I need to get done each day.  I don’t enjoy life; I just get through it.
Apr 26 2012

Gospel Challenge

Can you hear these challenging words from someone who has a right to speak them?

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This morning I faced a big question…a very big question. It was one of those moments in which I realized something so powerful, so life-changing, and so obvious, that felt like a complete idiot to have lived this long in life without realizing it. Unfortunately, this happens to me often. Sometimes, I become convinced that I must have known it once, and just forgotten….and forgotten that I forgot. At least, I hope that is what happened. In any case, I know it now. And it causes that question to haunt me...as it should.
Apr 15 2012

Night Ride

Opening our eyes to protect trafficked victims.

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After spending a night in a squad car, observing Portland police officers assigned to the sex trafficking division, I became more acutely aware of the plight of sex slaves, especially those below 18 years old. Because of this experience, I feel compelled to present my own perspective on this blight in our community.