Our work in Arizona is a beautiful picture of what happens when passionate people have the tools they need to make a difference in their neighborhood

In 2011 a small team of volunteers held Arizona’s first Compassion Clinic in Queen Creek. Through the success of the event the team learned that not only were the churches in their community hungry to work together, but the local people were seriously underserved. Exit interviews proved that the area had a huge lack of social services and community resources. The biggest problem was that social service agencies and churches providing services to this area needed a place to meet clients.

The volunteers responded to this need by creating a brand new model to unite churches to serve: a community resource center they named the Compassion Care Center. A small building in an impoverished community that is referred to by residents as “Little Mexico” now provides a place where those in need can come and receive a wide variety of services ranging from parenting classes and pregnancy counseling to English as a second language classes, job services, rent and utility assistance, food, clothes, and much more.

 The Arizona team is still entirely powered by volunteers whose faithful service has helped thousands of San Tan Valley residents receive compassionate health care and services.


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Arizona’s Models

Compassion Care Center

A Compassion Care Center is a community resource center that helps struggling families and individuals thrive by connecting them to local resources and services.

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Compassion Clinics

We believe churches are in a unique position to offer compassionate care by collaboratively hosting free community health clinics for underserved populations.

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Quick Facts About Compassion Arizona

Established in 2011

Regional Directors (Volunteer): Jennelle & Gary Esquivel

“It wasn’t a quick overnight thing, but partnering with Compassion Connect has helped me become aware of the overwhelming population of people in need. Not just the physical, but the emotionally broken. I really feel like Compassion Connect is a big way to engage those groups.”

– Jennelle Esquivel

“I have had bad teeth all my life. As I got older things seemed to get worse and this past year even more so to where my front teeth broke and I was devastated…I came to Compassion Connect and they changed my life. I was given the most wonderful, compassionate doctors…they reconstructed my front teeth and gave me my smile back.”

– Zina,
Compassion Queen Creek Guest

Starting A Community Resource Center In Your Neighborhood: The Basics

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