We are an organization that believes in the volunteer leaders, in those who are yet to rise up and in the potential of any church community in the world to make a difference by uniting in service to its most hurting members.

You have the heart to make a difference. We have the tools to make it a reality.

Our Values

Everything we do is filtered through these core beliefs

We are a spirit-led gospel movement.

We value holistic freedom for individuals and communities.

We see the whole person through God’s eyes of heartfelt compassion.

We value local churches and individuals growing in unity.

We create models of service that reflect God’s heart for the hurting and oppressed.

We value being open and honest with all relationships, motivations and finances.

We value a listening approach to the communities we work with to adapt to shifting needs.

Neighborhood issues we help churches address




Your Impact So Far


who have mobilized to serve over the years.


who have said yes to unity and compassion and no to division and complacency.

People Served

because of people like you who made a difference.

“The love that was extended to me by Adorned In Grace, I am now able to to extend to myself and others. I will no longer live my life bogged down by the pain of the past but will look to the future with excitement and hope. That is something I’ve never felt before.”

– Rebekah,
human trafficking survivor

“This morning was the first time in over five years that I have woken up and not been in pain. Looking in the mirror and seeing myself as a “new man” I realized that it was only because of a miracle that I heard about the Clinic and was able to get there and that all of this could only have come from Christ. At that moment I got on my knees and asked Jesus into my life.”

– Compassion Clinic guest

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We’re just your average, everyday goofballs with a passion for unity and compassion.

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Insanity: Why doing outreach the same way over and over isn’t helping our neighbors

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