We provide opportunities for

passionate people of faith to serve

together in their own backyard.

Our Vision

Churches and individuals everywhere choosing unity over division and compassion over complacency.

Tools That Work Anywhere

Make a difference by traveling no further than your own backyard. Your neighbors, your city.

A Decade of Experience

We’ve worked hard to hone our knowledge so that we can offer you the best tools possible.

Local Ownership

No cookie cutters or savior complexes here. We strive to uplift and empower the local church, not ourselves.

We Believe

There is brokenness and division in the world that is too big for just one church, organization, or person to handle. We believe neighborhoods suffer when churches compete and passionate people don’t have an outlet to serve, so we create tools that invite people to put their faith into action and unite churches to address their neighborhood’s issues...
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We are convinced that Christians from all backgrounds, anywhere in the world, can make a difference in their neighborhood when they serve together instead of allowing division and competition to dominate. When they do this they bring radical transformation to the Church, their community, and to themselves.

We understand how it feels to see the suffering in your neighborhood and not know what to do about it—and to not know how your own talents and time could help alleviate that suffering. For the past ten years we have been mobilizing people of faith to serve together in their own backyards using proven models of service that have helped bring physical and spiritual healing to thousands of broken people. We have been blown away by how God blesses the unity of the Church: the sick experience relief, the captives are set free, and people of faith draw closer to each other and to their purpose on earth.

Over the past ten years we have helped launch collaborative efforts in 26 communities in 4 states and 3 countries. We provide each community with the essential guidance that it takes to start a collaborative service project, but at the end of the day each one is locally owned, adapted for its own unique context, and brought to fruition by passionate people who have set aside differences to serve together in Jesus’ name.

Too often indecision, fear, and apathy cause us not to act. Too often, misunderstandings and disagreements cause the people of God’s Church not to work together to reach the broken and bring hope to a hurting world. If we let these barriers prevent us from doing anything, we miss out on the incredible things God is waiting to do in and through us.

You may believe that you can’t do anything to address the problems in your neighborhood. But we want you to know that you can do this. And we want to help you get there.

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“People think living on mission is reserved for pastors, but this is a cool example of everyday people using their gifts to serve their neighbors. If Jesus says serve, you can do that with the gifts God has given you. Compassion Connect is a beautiful picture of serving where you are with what you have.”

Audrey EvansGresham, Oregon

“We had three kinds of churches and the style and personality of each church was different. The churches learned from each other and adjusted to each other. There’s something about serving together that helps us to grow. We were reminded of the simple faith that we have in common.”

Tom MooreVancouver, Washington

“Compassion Connect gives the tools to communities so they can step in and be responsible for their own communities, which is extremely empowering. They are meeting needs through the hands of volunteers, but they are also giving hope to people who might not have ever had that--those who might not be experiencing what love is like.”

Brittany BurdickPortland, Oregon

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