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Get To Know Mark

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Our New Development Director

On Becoming One of the Team

I saw the advertisement for the Director of Development position in Mac’s List and immediately thought that this organization was the perfect fit for me. Through the hiring process I studied up on what Compassion Connect was all about and I realized that this was what God had been preparing me to do. Compassion Connect needed a development pro, and I had been praying for many years for God to utilize the non-profit skills and experience He had developed in me and put it to good work for one of his missions.

What attracts me to the Compassion Connect mission is unifying churches to work together to take on big community service needs. The needs are too big for one church to tackle, but several neighborhood churches together can put together hundreds of caring volunteers to do really big things, like Compassion Clinics that serve hundreds of needy neighbors with medical and dental care, and much more. Having been an active member of a local church for many years, I know how hard it is for a church to muster the volunteer power and leadership it takes to put on a major community service year after year. Compassion Connect provides the leadership training and technical support to help churches to get something big done in their neighborhoods.


On Service

My wife and I have been continuously concerned about the needs of our community. We know there are lots of people out there hurting because they don’t have medical or dental insurance. We see the homeless every day going and coming from work. And most of all, we know there are many spiritually poor people in our community that need Jesus in their lives. We didn’t know how to help these problems though. 

What I love about Compassion Connect is how it solves multiple layers of problems. For example, the Compassion Clinics provide basic healthcare to hundreds of people. They also reach out and connect those people with their local neighborhood churches to provide support long after the clinic is over. But that is not the only problems that are solved by the Clinics. The Clinics provide a great opportunity for local neighborhood churches to work together.

As you know, relationship building and bonding always takes place when people get together and work on a project together, kind of like barn building. There is a problem with churches not working together, and these Clinics help bring them together. The other problem has to do with church members. They sit at church wondering, “what can I do” to serve the Lord. “I don’t sing. I don’t teach.”

But Compassion Connect models provide an endless range of opportunities for church members of all ages and abilities to get out and serve the Lord and show His love to neighbors in need. So, Compassion Connect solves the problem of people with desperate health needs, and women and girls who are at risk or are victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, and churches who want to help but can’t muster the energy by themselves, and churches who haven’t been working together, and church members who don’t know what they can do to help. Compassion Connect pulls together hundreds of churches and thousands of volunteers working together to show the love of Jesus through practical community service.

I am encouraged and inspired by what I have seen and experienced with Compassion Connect. God’s Church and His people really do want to step up and out to love and serve others in need.


On Getting Involved

Come and see a Compassion Connect Clinic, or Design Studio, or Dress Shop, or Adorned in Grace program in action. If you do, you will be asking the same question so many people do….”how can I help?”

To set up a time to come have lunch and tour a Compassion Connect model with Mark, shoot us an email at!